Come on in, the water's fine

MOONFOLK encourages women to rethink their monthly cycle, the environment & each other. We are thrilled you found us & hope you stay awhile. 

the tide is turning; it's time for a conscious, modern & fresh approach to menstrual health. 


In this blog, we'll work through our questions related to menstrual health & what it means to be a woman in this wacky world.

Many of us are unaware that the majority of period products on the market contain potentially harmful ingredients. G.R.O.S.S. The impact these toxic products have on the reproductive system, the body as a whole & the environment is potentially larger than we know. We are educating ourselves & encouraging others to actively participate in healthier, more positive periods.

We'll widen the blog to topics not typically related to periods & you can expect a post every week or so. By sharing stories & connecting women, we empower women to empower each other.

so let's dive in!