Mixtape Monday Vol.1


We're kicking off a new weekly series - Mixtape Monday - to get your week started on the right foot. These are the tunes we've been tapping our toes to.

This week, we're aflame with the power of the weekend. Were you at a Women's March in your city? Whether you or not you were in the streets, these massive femme jams are for you. Turn up the volume. Get inspired. Remember your bangin' dance your moves!?

Find MOONFOLK's Mixtape Monday Vol.1 on Spotify at moonfolk.co & below.

1. the pointer sisters - yes we can can

2. jain - makeba

3. janet jackson - nasty

4. sia - the greatest

5. aurora - conqueror

6. joseph - white flag

7. lizzo - good as hell

8. helen reddy - i am woman