Mixtape Monday Vol.2


This week's Mixtape Monday celebrates female artists with origins in (or influences from) Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria & Yemen. 

From classics to new releases, these women have used their voices to claim a place for themselves in this world - & we are 100% with them.

The sisters of A-Wa fuse traditional Yemenite music, hip hop & electronic in Habibi Galbi. Kurdish diva, Helly Luv, calls for an end to war in IraqAlso from Iraq, Farida Mohammed Ali is a master of male-dominated music genre, maqam. Assala Nasri is one of Syria's most prolific artists. Sawtuha, a fantastic album by Egyptian, Tunisian, Libyan & Syrian women, features Nada, of Libya. The sisters of Faarroworiginally hail from Somalia, as does Ladan Hussein who goes by the stage name Cold Specks. Delkash was an amazing vocalist, songwriter & actor from IranAlsarah has roots in Sudan & is a singer, songwriter & ethnomusicologist. 

Find MOONFOLK's Mixtape Monday Vol.2 on Spotify at moonfolk.co & below.

1. a-wa - habibi galbi

2. helly luv - revolution

3. assala nasri - wala dary

4. nada & nawel ben kraîem - don't lose your way

find this jam on our spotify playlist/video unavailable


5. faarrow - lost

6.  alsarah & the nubatones - habibi taal

7. farida mohammad ali - khadri el chai khadri

8. delkash - ashegham man

9. cold specks - blank maps